Valery Ruzin presented the Immortal Memory Megaproject at an International Conference in Uzbekistan

01/05/2022 18:00

Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Valery Ruzin made a presentation at the International Scientific and Practical Conference “The Contribution of Uzbeks to the Victory in the Years of World War II”, organized by the Victory Park Memorial Complex and the State Museum of Glory under the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In the period 1941-1945, about 1 million 951 thousand people were mobilized to the front from Uzbekistan, and every third of them did not return to their homeland. More than 200 thousand soldiers and officers were awarded combat awards. During the war years, Uzbekistan received about one million people evacuated and wounded, including children from the frontline areas and besieged Leningrad. More than 113 military hospitals were located in Uzbekistan, over which 750 local enterprises, institutions, collective farms and state farms patronized. In the shortest possible time, the Uzbek SSR turned into one of the centers of the defense industry, more than 100 industrial enterprises were evacuated here.

In his speech, Valery Ruzin told the participants of the international conference about the Immortal Memory megaproject being implemented by the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

The project combines various forms of international social activities aimed at preserving the memory of the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War, at strengthening peace among the peoples of the continent.

The program of the megaproject "Immortal Memory" is carried out in the following areas:

As part of the megaproject, press conferences, meetings in Eurasian countries, and commemorative actions at memorials dedicated to the events of World War II are held.

This autumn, it is planned to hold the Days of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly in Uzbekistan. Within the Days Tashkent will host the International Public Forum “Preserving the memory of the Second World and Great Patriotic Wars”.