The Assembly has its unified corporate style, symbols (emblem, logo, flag), anthem regulations which have been adopted by the General council of the Assembly.

Emblem of the Assembly

A graphical image of the emblem is two equal symmetrically reflected blue and yellow forms symbolized two wings. Blue colour symbolizes Europe. Yellow (gold) colour stands for Asia. Crossing of these colours produces green colour – the symbol of new endeavor, vital colour of nature that characterizes revival and renewal of life and reflects the unity of a person with nature and the whole world.



Logo of the Assembly consists of a graphical part that repeats the emblem and text part (the title). Text component constitutes the shortened name of the Assembly in Russian “АССАМБЛЕЯ НАРОДОВ ЕВРАЗИИ” or in English “EURASIAN PEOPLES’ ASSEMBLY”. The logo of the Assembly is equally used in both Russian and English languages.





Flag of the Assembly constitutes the image of the Assembly’s official image – the emblem or the logo of the Assembly placed in the centre of rectangular white panel. White colour of the panel represents peace and purity. White colour is the synthesis of all colours that symbolizes the unity of all the members of the Assembly in strengthening trust and friendship among peoples, broadening cultural and humanitarian cooperation, developing peacekeeping and Eurasian integral processes.