Panfilovites: Our Pride, Our Glory

Project name: "Panfilovites: Our Pride, Our Glory"

Project Leader: Akhmetova Laila Seysembekovna, Professor of political science, Doctor of historical sciences

Supported by: Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

Place and time: Eurasian space, unlimited.

Project’s goals

  • Systematization of new and old materials about the Panfilov 316th Infantry - 8th Guards Division to a unified electronic register.
  • Preservation of military documentation on the Panfilov 316th Infantry - 8th Guards Division in digital and printed form.
  • Creation of the International Association of Panfilov's descendants and organization of its activities.
  • Development of a new system for working with military units on the Internet using the example of the project " Panfilovites: Our Pride, Our Glory”.

Main goals

  • Collecting a database on the Panfilov 316th Infantry - 8th Guards Division for military units (regiments, platoons, etc.).
  • Publishing stories of divisions, regiments and other units based on military documentation.
  • Uniting of descendants and searchers all over the world.
  • Collecting photographs of monuments to Panfilovites and material on the monumental history of the division: informing about their condition during their creation and at the present time (by country).
  • Creation of a database of film, video, photo, audio materials about the Panfilov 316th Infantry - 8th Guards Division
  • Collection of pieces of music about Panfilovites.

Content of the project

Panfilov 316th Infantry - 8th Guards Division - an international division, which included representatives of all the republics of Central Asia, is the brightest personification of the strength of the cohesion of peoples before the common enemy of mankind. That is why the idea of establishing an International Association of Panfilov's descendants "Panfilovites: Our Pride, Our Glory" arose. And now, many years later, this division can unite all of us to consolidate forces in preventing the distortion of our common great historical heritage!


Project news

Andrei Belyaninov: "We must develop a Strategy for Preserving Historical Memory"

Andrey Belyaninov met with Vladimir Shamanov

Andrey Belyaninov met with the Author of the Project "Panfilovites: Our Pride, Our Glory"

The Assembly Member, Laila Akhmetova was awarded the Medal “In Memory of the Heroes of the Fatherland”

The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio held an online presentation of the book “Panfilovites: Our Pride, Our Glory” by Laila Akhmetova, a member of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly

A Book of a Member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly on the Panfilov Heroes has been signed for printing