Letters of Happiness


Project manager: Volkova Marina Leonidovna - Ambassador of Peace, Associate Professor of Public Relations Department of the Spanish-Russian Web Institute, the author of the method of socialization via the fairy tale “A fairy tale is in each of us”

Project goal:

To draw the attention of children and adults around the globe to peace as a way to ensure happiness throughout the Earth.

Project objectives:

  • Involve children and adults in social activity and volunteering.
  • Increase the percentage of happiness among children and adults by attracting them to volunteer activities.
  • Promote the idea that handwritten mailings bring joy and warmth to the addressee.
  • Formation and justification of the paradigm that happiness becomes more when it is shared.

Description of the project

According to research, an active lifestyle gives the opportunity for self-realization, and its adherents are more positive. Those who ignore social activity are less happy with the world, and every fifth of them is unhappy. There are more happy people among those who are engaged in volunteering, caring for loved ones and strangers than among other.

The organizing committee of the action invites everyone to remember the good tradition of sending handwritten postal letters that brought joy to loved ones. They say that when you share happiness, it grows larger. And happy people are unlikely to quarrel and be enemies with each other. It would seem, what can a small postcard or a letter do? But believe us, even a small wish for happiness can do a lot.

Duration of the project: April 12, 2021 - April 12, 2022 (with subsequent extension)

Project partners: Udmurt Regional Children's Public Organization “Centre for Social Producing “Zhuraveinik”; Charitable Foundation “Give Good to the World”

Contacts: 125009 Moscow Bryusov pereulok, 11, building 1; +7 (495) 774-12-44, +7 (985) 212-00-25; info@eurasia-assembly.org, volkova@eurasia-assembly.org

Project hashtags: #LettersHappy #LETTERSOFHAPPINESS

Project presentation (PDF)


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