The Action "Letters of Happiness" continues

13/12/2022 17:03

For more than two years, the International project of the Department of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly “Letters of Happiness” has been developing. Its goal is to draw the attention of children and adults around the globe to peace as a guarantee of happiness on the whole Earth.

Among the objectives of the action are to attract children and adults to social activity, increase the percentage of happiness among children and adults by involving them in volunteer activities, and promote the idea that handwritten mailings bring joy and warmth to the addressee.

People in different parts of the world receive heart-touching postcards with children's drawings. Australia, South Korea, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, India - everywhere participants of the action sent letters of happiness. Children were among the first to support this action. They sign postcards with drawings. They paint the world as they see it, without wars and violence. The moment, the addressee receives letter of happiness, is very exciting and, undoubtedly, happy. The organizing committee of the action invites everyone to remember the good tradition of sending handwritten postal items that bring joy to loved ones.

They say that when you share happiness, it becomes more. And happy people are unlikely to want to start quarrels and enmity with each other. It would seem that what a small postcard, a letter can do? But, believe us, even a small wish for happiness can do a lot.

Join the #ПисьмаСчастья International Campaign and share happiness with each other!