Project “Weddings of the World: World Cultural Heritage”

Project Name: Project “Weddings of the World: World Cultural Heritage”

Project Manager: Denis Knyazev, photographer, member of the Russian Geographical society.

Venue and Time: countries of the world and regions of Russia, unlimited

Project Goals: preservation and dissemination of unique wedding traditions of the peoples of the world as an intangible cultural heritage.

Main objectives:

  • Edition of a book-album in three languages for every traditional Indigenous wedding.
  • Obtaining the auspices of UNESCO for each book in the project.
  • Promotion for listing of intangible cultural heritage.

Project Content:

The topic of preserving culture and national characteristics is relevant both in Russia and around the world. The processes of globalization have strongly affected the traditions and culture of many peoples, including in the field of wedding ceremonies and rituals. Specific activities suggested to be implemented during the project:

  • search and collection of material on the traditional wedding of a particular people;
  • search for partners and ethnographers;
  • organizing meetings with the leadership of the Ministry of Culture of a particular State to include them in the work on the creation of the project;
  • organization of reconstruction and filming process;
  • processing of all footage;
  • creation of a book layout (layout, translation into several languages, proofreading);
  • edition and presentation of the book in a specific country and at the UN headquarters.

Expected results:

  • attracting wide international attention to the unique wedding ceremonies;
  • promotion of tourism in the direction of ethnic weddings;
  • inclusion in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage (in case the State ratified the 2003 Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage).


Project news:

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