IZHLIFE: Album “Traditional Udmurt Wedding” released for the 100th Anniversary of Udmurtia's Statehood

04/11/2020 10:00

First theatrical presentation of the album was held in the “Ludorvay” Museum-reserve.

The presentation of the album “Traditional Udmurt Wedding” (12+) was held in the “Ludorvay” Museum-reserve. The book was released for the 100th anniversary of Udmurtia's statehood.

The album contains archival photos, as well as the author's photographs describing the wedding of central and southern Udmurts. The author based on the materials of famous researchers-ethnographers of Udmurtia. The album also contains comments about traditional life and lifestyle, elements of wedding songs, signs, proverbs and sayings that are associated with the wedding. The book is written in three languages: Russian, Udmurt and English.

The author of the album is Denis Knyazev, a historian, professional photographer, member of the all-Russian public organization “Russian Geographical Society” and the International Union of non-governmental organizations “Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly”. He is also the founder and head of the project “Weddings of the Peoples of the World: Cultural Heritage”.

Shooting weddings, I realized that all traditions are levelled - one wedding is similar to another, and there are almost no folk traditions left. I decided to reconstruct it, show it all in books and describe weddings in three languages, in order to reach as much readers as possible. It was important for me to show the Udmurt wedding as it was at the beginning of the 20th century, show the friendly people, rich with traditions and history. I wanted this tradition to be known not only in our region, but also in Russia and around the world.

Denis Knyazev, Head of the project “Weddings of the Peoples of the World: Cultural Heritage”

Shooting for the book took place on the territory of the “Ludorvay” Museum-reserve.

The folk song and dance theatre “Aikai” and the ensemble “Azvesnyuzha” from the village of Kuregovo in Malopurginsky district helped to recreate the wedding ceremonies.

The book of the Udmurtia Publishing House was released thanks to the financial support of the Udmurtia Government. Alexey Zagrebin, Doctor of History, Professor of the RAS became the scientific Director of the project.

The presentation of the album was a great success. Guests were treated to hot cakes “perepechi” and entertained with traditional Udmurt songs and dances. The Museum staff organized a theatrical performance with the selection of the Tore - Udmurt wedding Chief General.

The book is a worthy contribution to the preservation and study of traditions; it will serve to strengthen international and interethnic relations, and develop mutual understanding between cultures. The book will be in libraries and schools. This gift edition is to tell the world what a beautiful, multi-ethnic and friendly Udmurtia is.

Anastasia Mutalenko, Deputy Chairman of Udmurtia Government

This colourful album is part of the international scientific and ethnographic project “Weddings of the Peoples of the World: Cultural Heritage”, which aims to preserve the unique wedding traditions of the peoples of the world as a monument of intangible cultural heritage with the assistance of UNESCO. The project organizes expeditions and filming of the reconstructions of traditional weddings of the world's peoples.

In 2021, it is planned to present the book “Traditional Udmurt Wedding” at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Ksenia Aksenova