Happiness of the Peoples of the World: Bulgaria

10/11/2021 01:05

In reference with the launch of the joint project of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security and the Department of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly "Happiness of the Peoples of the World", Chairperson of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security Anastasia Pavlova talks about countries where the happiness of their citizens is a priority area of ​​state activity.

Bulgaria - the country of happy roses

Bulgaria is such a familiar and unfamiliar country. A country of ancient history, rose valleys, friendly and welcoming people, fragrant bannitsa and delicious wine. Of course, for everyone who is familiar with this country, there is a versatile and varied formula of Bulgarian happiness, which includes a clear sea, a lot of music, flowers and mouth-watering treats. Today we will focus on the three most important components of Bulgarian happiness.

1. Hospitality

Bulgaria is a very hospitable country. A guest in Bulgaria is considered an important attribute not only of tourist happiness, the guest is important for the Bulgarian family itself. In Bulgaria, it is believed that the guest brings good luck and joy to the house. Therefore, hospitality in Bulgaria can be called a sign of national happiness.

Any guest in Bulgaria will definitely be offered a traditional bannitsa with a crispy crust and delicate taste. It is a national flaky pastry dish that combines the freshest dough and cottage cheese. Bannitsa is a kind of symbol of the Bulgarian landscapes. According to legend, the bannitsa was identified with a part of the world order, where "vryshnik" - a form for baking symbolizes the sky, and a flat cake, rolled dough - the earth.

“When God decided to cover the earth with the sky, it turned out to be bigger and did not go under the cover. Then the Creator pressed it down, and the earth was covered with folds, like a bannitsa,” - they say in Bulgaria.

This action symbolized the formation of mountains and plains among the ancient Bulgarians. To this day, bannitsa is one of the most popular dishes in Bulgaria, where "each layer has its own smile".

2. Roses

They say that in Bulgaria you can wear pink glasses all year round. Roses are the most important component of Bulgarian happiness. Roses are both an aesthetic pleasure and an indispensable ingredient in the world famous Bulgarian cosmetics industry. Roses are also incredible flavor combinations of Bulgarian cuisine, from pink fruit drinks to rose jam. Roses are a very popular pattern in Bulgarian national costumes.

As they say in Bulgaria, "a rose is a flower of happiness".  Roses business in Bulgaria is one of the most popular and stable areas, which generates constant income. Numerous festivals and holidays in Bulgaria are dedicated to roses. Bulgaria can rightfully be called the country of happy flowers.

3. Historical and cultural heritage

The entire Bulgarian society is based on maintaining faith in history, love for the country and traditions. In Bulgaria, they are sensitive to their history and culture.

Bulgaria is the world's oldest treasury, where unique treasures are still found. The world's oldest gold treasures have been discovered here, with a history dating back more than 6,000 years.

Bulgaria is the first Slavic country to adopt Christianity. The Bulgarian Church is considered the oldest Orthodox Slavic church in the world.

The Bulgarian city of Plovdiv is about 6000 years old. It is older than Athens and Rome.

Bulgaria is the birthplace of sunny wine and strong sherry, a country of comfortable resorts and a warm sea. It was in Bulgaria that the cult of Thracian winemaking was born, led by the cheerful God Bacchus. Bulgaria is a treasure trove of national parks and reserves included in the cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO. The words "happiness", "luck" in Bulgarian is ksmet. This word is very often spoken in Bulgaria when a child is born. The birth of a child is the main Bulgarian holiday. On this day, the whole family feels absolutely happy and joyful. After all, a new human of the hospitable land of happy roses was born.

© Pavlova A.V., 2018. PoETHIC World Map / Bulgaria

Golden sands,

The blue of Sea.

And the fresh scent of bannitsa...

Bulgarian song

Sea of ​​forces


The world is glad to you.

And again the whole dawn is in roses.

And again, a pure wave...

Bright light

Of green leaves.

Bulgaria is one for all.