First 2021 Issue of the Newspaper for Blind Children is dedicated to the Assembly Project

21/01/2021 17:42

In Izhevsk (Russia), the next issue of the “School Monday” newspaper for blind children has been published. The first issue of 2021 is dedicated to the creation of the textbook “Lessons of Journalism for the Blind” - a project implemented by the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations “Eurasian Peoples' Assembly” with the use of a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for social services, social support and protection of citizens provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.

“School Monday” is printed in Braille and has long been popular not only among children, but also among adults. The editor of the newspaper is Anton Ponomarev, a boy with disabilities due to eye disease.

The student, together with the editorial board, which includes children and adults, collects materials about unique events that happen to special children. Anton himself spoke about his first parachute jump. The character of one of the publications was Masha Gutova, a six-year-old resident of the city of Odintsovo. Masha has SMA, an incurable diagnosis. But Masha and her mother Olga Gutova decided to live life to the fullest. Masha stars in television programs on central channels, travels a lot, tells the world that you can live with dignity with any diagnosis. The “School Monday” editors 2021 plan is to continue to publish materials about peers with vision problems from different countries.

Recall, the project “Teaching journalism for young people and children over 12 years with disabilities due to eye disease and its adnexa  “Lessons of Journalism for the Blind” is a continuation of the joint activities of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and the Udmurt regional children's public organization “Centre for Social Production “Zhuraveinik” as part of the EURASIA KIDS project launched in 2018.