EURASIA KIDS will meet with Director Alexander Galibin

24/08/2020 11:53

A creative meeting with Director, actor, and teacher Alexander Galibin will take place within the XV International Festival of Children's and Youth Media “Sunflower” supported by the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

“Goldfish”, “Little Sister” - these touching movie stories are more than ever needed today by both adults and children.

The story of a small Bashkir boy Yamil and his named sister Oksana from a Ukrainian village left no one indifferent. As long as Yamil can remember, there has always been a war. But the boy is very much waiting for it to end, because then his father will come back home. Yamil knows him only from photos and letters. One day, his mother goes to a distant city, and comes back together with a silent girl, Oksana, and passes on his father's words to take care of her as if she is his own sister.

Another film “Goldfish” Director Alexander Galibin dedicated to his father. The film tells about events that took place in the post-war period. 1946, Kyrgyzstan, a woman evacuated from Leningrad with two children-boys aged six and ten. Their father is in the hospital, seriously injured. Time is poor and hungry. The family fights for life, selling homemade rugs at the market and picking up everything that can be useful in the ruins of abandoned houses. One day the brothers find a book with wonderful pictures in a landfill. This is Alexander Pushkin's fairy tale “Goldfish”. The mother reads it to them before going to bed – and the boys find a dream: to become the owners of the cherished goldfish and make three wishes, one of which, of course, is their father coming back home, alive and well.

Participants of the EURASIA KIDS project will be able to learn about the shooting process, about the young performers’ work on roles and why it is so important to create and watch kind movies today. The meeting with Director Alexander Galibin will be held online, we will inform you about the time later. Follow the news.