EURASIA KIDS were acquainted with the Folk Music Instrument of Udmurts

07/10/2021 17:24

One of the brightest events at the XVI International Festival of Family Media Creativity "Sunflower" was the concert of the ensemble "Heaven Dew Melodies".

EURASIA KIDS learned about the history of the creation of one of the most ancient instruments of the Udmurts - Krez.

The ensemble "Heaven Dew Melodies" was founded in 2013 at a Krez workshop directed by Sergei Kapustin. Today the group unites amateur musicians, and anyone who likes the sound of a Krez can become its member.

“We perform Udmurt folk songs, works of contemporary authors. Krez is an Udmurts musical instrument of a gusli type, as well as a folk Udmurt melody, melody, song without words. Burd-krez (seven-stringed Krez) and lul-krez (12-stringed Krez) are krezies for amateur musicians. The members of the ensemble play on such Krezies. These types of Krez are the easiest for people who do not have special musical training. But we are also mastering the 20-string bydzim-krez,” - says Sergey Kapustin.

Let us remind you that the Sunflower festival is annually held under the patronage of the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Valery Buzilov and with the support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

Alena Selezneva