EURASIA KIDS Project Participant became the Winner of the XII All-Russian Competition of Journalistic Works "Childhood in Focus"

30/11/2021 15:09

Anton Ponomarev, a participant of the "EURASIA KIDS" project (Russia), won the XII All-Russian competition of journalistic works “Childhood in Focus”. It was recognized as the best in the nomination "Juniors and Students. Best TV Story".

The organizer of the competition is the Children's Support Foundation with the participation of the Russian Union of Journalists. Partnership support: Alliance of Heads of Regional Mass Media of Russia (ARS-PRESS), Alliance of Independent Regional Publishers, Children's Creative Association UNPRESS and the League of Young Journalists.

Anton's competitive work was a story about Irina Chebareva, a participant of the project "Days of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly". Irina is the champion of Moscow and Belarus, winner of the Continents Cup in wheelchair dancing.

The touching story of the acquaintance and friendship of a blind boy with a girl in a wheelchair, recorded at the “Adeli” Rehabilitation Center (Udmurtia, Russia) won over the jury members. This story says that in the modern world there are no restrictions for a happy childhood. Anton has his own creative team: teachers, parents, cameraman and director Marina Dmitrieva. Thanks to them the program "Cool People" is released.

Recall that in 2020, the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly became the Winner of the Special Competition of the Presidential Grants Foundation for the creation of a journalism textbook for blind children. More than 1000 young visually impaired journalists had the opportunity to learn about how people conveyed information at different times. The tutorial will help children learn the basics of journalism and create their own projects.

Anton's victory in the prestigious competition is a vivid confirmation of the successful work of the EURASIA KIDS project and the implementation of the tasks set.

Kirill Chirkov