“CIS+WORLD”. What is the Power of Tourism?

05/10/2020 18:22

Representatives of more than 50 countries and 15 regions of Russia took part in the International online conference “CIS+WORLD: The Power of Tourism” on September 30, 2020.

The event was organized by the Tourism Committee of the Business Centre for Economic Development of the CIS and the Organizing Committee of the International Integration program “CIS+WORLD”. The Coordinating Council of non-profit organizations and the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly supported the event.

Representatives of dozens of Russian and international organizations attended the event, including: Business Centre for Economic Development of the CIS; the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly; the V. P. Filatov International Fund for the Development of Biomedical Technology; the Coordination Council of non-profit organizations; Social movement “Strong Russia”, the Crimean state Philharmonic; the Fund “Russian Public Political Centre” (Rospolitica); Central Council of the Committee for countering corruption and promoting public safety; Public movement “For Saving People”; Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation; Plekhanov Russian faculty of Economics; Russian Academy of Tourism; Altai regional Tourism Association; “Delta” Beach and Football Club (Saratov, Russia); Tourist Information Centre of the Perm region, Grechko House of entertaining science and technology in Kazan (Russia); Council of the Republican union of tourist organizations of Belarus; Vyatskoe IKK of the Yaroslavl region (Russia); Organizing Committee of the BIG SKY International Jazz festival and the BIG SKY International Jazz competition for young performers.

The main topics of the conference were: Eurasian integration, health tourism, educational tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, exhibition tourism, sports tourism, music tourism, tropical tourism, cyber tourism, public safety, transport, formation of new tourist approaches in the post-pandemic period.

Representatives of more than 50 countries attended the event. Among them are Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, China, Japan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Thailand, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Costa Rica, Norway, Turkey, Philippines, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Namibia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Corfu, Greece; Canada, Switzerland.

The event was attended by representatives of 15 regions of the Russian Federation: Moscow; Crimea; Saint Petersburg; Tatarstan; Yaroslavl region; Tver region; Vladimir region; Bryansk region; Altai territory; Perm region; KHMAO Yugra; Saratov; Kaluga region; Voronezh region; Kaliningrad region.

Opinions of conference speakers:

“This year has shown that health is in the first place all over the world… The power of the spirit makes a person invincible, V. A. Sukhomlinsky believed. Time has shown the relevance of these words. Academician V. V. Filatov said that the success of each specialty should affect the progress of the entire medicine. With regard to tourism, I believe that tourism evolution depends on the progress of all international tourism...” - said Ekaterina Dibrova, President of the V. P. Filatov International Foundation for the development of biomedical technologies, Ambassador of the CIS+WORLD health tourism.

“The strength of tourism is in the Eurasian integration,” - said Svetlana Smirnova, First Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

“Beautiful music that will be played in all countries of the world can enhance world tourism,” - said Denis Karlov, Laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation, Honoured Artist of the Republic of Crimea, artistic Director and chief conductor of the chamber orchestra of the Crimean state Philharmonic, artistic Director of the “International Eurasian Festival of High Classics”, winner of international competitions. The Crimean state Philharmonic orchestra presented the conference participants with two musical performances: a leitmotif from the film “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” and a fragment of the Opera “The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart.

“Today, the entire tourist world is in search. And anyone who associates himself with tourism can consider himself a bit of a hero of Beaumarchais ' famous literary work, Figaro. Figaro here, Figaro there...”- said the author and organizer of the event, Head of the Tourism Committee of the Business Centre for economic development of the CIS, author and head of the program “CIS+WORLD”, Chairman of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Anastasia Pavlova.

“The strength of Uzbek tourism lies in the unique hospitality and tourist security of Uzbekistan,” - said Azamat Raimov, Third Secretary of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Russia.

“Cultural codes of the world are tourist staples at all times,” - said Marina Korosteleva, Ambassador of cultural tourism of the CIS+WORLD program, First Deputy Secretary General of the Russian Association for International Cooperation (RAIC), Chairman of the Russian - French friendship society.

“Unique people, professionalism and great friendliness and kindness of Kyrgyzstan are the strength of Kyrgyz tourism,” - said Daniyar Kazakov, Director of the Kyrgyztourism state enterprise.

“The power of tourism is in the right organization and the right organizer of world tourism processes,” - said Maria Kachina, project Director of the Business Centre for Economic Development of the CIS.

“The strength of world tourism is in a responsible approach and a high - quality, balanced combination of tourist tools for the successful formation, promotion and implementation of any tourist products in any country of the world,” - said Roman Kuzuberdin, President of “Talariya”.

“It is necessary to note the serious importance of exhibition tourism in the world,” - said Han Xumei, General Director of Huang Ming Travel (Beijing China).

“Tropical tourism can become a global driver of major types of tourism,” - said Maxim Radyuk, Ambassador of tropical tourism of the CIS+CHINA (Hainan, China).

“Portugal is a country of travellers. The strength of Portuguese tourism is in Portugal itself. In its uniqueness,” - said Tatiana Zadonskaya, General representative of CIS+WORLD in Portugal.

“The power of tourism in Cyprus is in its Holy and Historical places,” - said Marina Aizina, General representative of CIS+WORLD in Cyprus.

“The strength of Thai tourism lies in its comprehensive tourism potential,” - said Ilya Bragin, General representative of CIS+WORLD in Thailand.

“The strength of Bulgarian tourism lies in the sincere approach and Bulgarian hospitality,” - said Katya Zhekova, First Secretary and tourism attaché of the Bulgarian Embassy in Russia.

“The strength of historical tourism in the world depends on the correct formation and promotion of historical tourism products, on the introduction of effective tourism innovations in historical tourism,” - said the General Manager of the number one tourist destination in Bulgaria - Castle “In Love with the Wind”, Vice-President of SKAL International (International organization of tourism professionals), Ambassador of historical tourism "CIS+WORLD»Yanko Marinov, The Krastev.

“The power of tourism is in experienced and efficient professionals,” - said Dimitar Tsonev, General Director of the Bulgarian tour operator “Solvex”.

“The power of tourism is in accessible and entertaining forms of popularizing science among children, “ - said Dmitry Ivanov, General Director of the Grechko House of entertaining science and technology in Kazan.

“The strength of Tajikistan's tourism lies in its unique historical, cultural and natural heritage, its hospitality and unique ancient history,” - said Mehrangez Sattarova, responsible tourism officer at the Embassy of Tajikistan in the Russian Federation.

“The power of scientific tourism is in a fundamental view of Russian and international educational programs, in attracting highly professional specialists, in creating effective approaches to the process of scientific knowledge itself,” - said Elena Pryazhnikova, Doctor of Psychology, Professor of the Department of psychology and human capital development of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, scientific director of the “Talents of the Future” laboratory of professional orientation, and Ambassador of CIS+WORLD scientific tourism.

“The power of tourism is in the very concept of quality tourism education,” - said Elena Nikolskaya, Associate Professor at Plekhanov University and General representative of CIS+WORLD in Austria.

“The power of tourism in international public security,” - said Marina Galichenko, Chairman of the Central Council of the Committee on combating corruption and promoting public security.

“The strength of tourism in the Altai territory, of course, is in effective methods of work, in the unique historical and natural wealth of Altai. Altai itself is a place of power”, - said the owner of the company “Altai-Tourism”, Travel Agency “Orange Summer”, Art Hotel “Moskvich”, guest house “Dom on Teletskoye”, member of the expert group of the Government of the Russian Federation action plan “Transformation of the business climate” in the “Tourism” direction, one of the best international experts on the Altai tourist product Evgeny Pyatkov.

“The power of sports tourism in the development of new forms of international sport,” - said the President of Beach Football club “Delta” (Saratov, Russia), Champion of Russia and the winner of Cup of Russia on Beach Football as President of the Volgograd “Rotor” beach football club, repeated champion of the Volga region, bronze medallist of the Championship of Russia, two-time silver medallist of the Championship of Russia, the finalist of the Cup of Russia, the participant of the final tournament of the Champions League Sergey Kormilitsyn.

“The power of tourism is in creating new cultural clusters to promote domestic tourism in every corner of the world," said Julia Przewski, General partner of CIS+MIR.

"The power of film tourism is to promote new approaches to the development of world film tourism,” - said Yulia Bragina, CIS+WORLD film tourism Ambassador.

“The strength of Belarusian tourism is in Belarus itself. In its tourist warmth and cordiality,” - said Oksana Bichun, Chairman of the Council of the Republican Union of tourist organizations of Belarus.

“The power of tourism is in creating applied types of tourism that can effectively support and strengthen, for example, eSports. ESports is now actively developing all over the world. I welcome the creation of cyber tourism as an applied concept of tourism business, which strengthens the tourist component of eSports competitions, and is a very relevant area of the modern travel industry,” - said Anton Borisov, an international expert on eSports competitions.

"”he strength of Croatian tourism lies in the unique tourism potential of Croatia,” -said Daliborka Ulumek, General representative of CIS+WORLD in Croatia.

The strength of Vyatka tourism is the desire to develop and promote the tourist wealth of the Russian village in all its tourist manifestations,” - said Larisa Kovalenko, one of the creators of the most beautiful village in Russia, Vyatskoe.

“The power of jazz tourism is in world jazz. Jazz without borders,” - said Svetlana Kolosova, Director of the BIG SKY International Festival and the BIG SKY International Jazz Competition for young performers.

“There is a saying in China: “I'm happy when you're happy.” The power of world tourism for me, as the author of the world program “CIS+WORLD”, is in the happiness of all our travel friends and partners,” - said Anastasia Pavlova, finishing the conference “CIS+WORLD: The Power of Tourism”.

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