Svetlana Smirnova: The Power of Tourism is Unique

01/10/2020 19:04

First Deputy Secretary General – Head of the General Secretariat Svetlana Smirnova took part in the International online conference “CIS+WORLD: The Power of Tourism”.

“Our Eurasian continent is the largest and most populous on the planet, - said Svetlana Smirnova, welcoming the participants of the event. - The mission of the International Union of non - governmental organizations “Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly” is to form an integration social model and a large Eurasian partnership for establishing peace and harmony through the development of multilateral cooperation and public (people's) diplomacy.

The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly was established three years ago. And now I see our friends in the audience and on the screen, who were directly involved in the creation and formation of our union. Today, of course, it is very important to understand that peace and tranquillity on our planet Earth depend on all of us. Unfortunately, they are very fragile, and we need to use all the tools to save them.

The power of tourism is unique. This is a powerful tool for developing good-neighbourly relations, forming mutual understanding and partnership. In the XIX century in Russia, it was believed that an educated person, in the full sense of the word, could become when one visits at least one of the foreign countries. Getting to know a country broadens one’s horizons, allows to get acquainted with its people and culture better. That allows to see not only the differences, but above all the thins that unite. Tourism has many faces: business tourism, health tourism, educational tourism, cultural tourism. But any form of it helps us get to know each other better and, most importantly, preserve or, perhaps, revive and increase trust between peoples and countries.

And today, I sincerely thank the founder and leader of the program “CIS+WORLD” Anastasia Pavlova. This unique project was able to unite representatives of different peoples from more than 100 countries. Thanks to today's forum, which is held in a mixed online and offline format, we can hear each other, learn about effective practices, and, of course, visit different countries when we have the opportunity. The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly is always happy to cooperate and take initiatives aimed at supporting good-neighbourly relations between countries and peoples, and preserving the ethno-cultural and linguistic diversity of our continent.

Bright impressions for everyone, bright trips!”

Anastasia Pavlova, the founder of the “CIS+WORLD” project, Head of the Tourism Committee of the Business Centre for economic development of the CIS countries, Chairman of the Council for Eurasian tourism security of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, said that the world program “CIS+WORLD” has prepared an official thank you to the First Deputy Secretary General - Head of the General Secretariat of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Svetlana Smirnova “for bringing together effective international experts, for creating a unique Eurasian communication model”.

“I want all countries, all people who see us live now, and all countries and people who will see us in the recording, to know about this gratitude,” - said Anastasia Pavlova. - The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly has united almost the entire Eurasian region today. Several years ago, the founders of this project believed that the power of the spirit, the power of friendship and the power of trust can do absolutely impossible things on the world stage.”

Recall, the International online conference “CIS+WORLD: The Power of Tourism”, held on September 30, 2020, was attended by more than 50 countries. The geography of this audience expands. The full video is available here.

The main theme of the conference is the strengthening of world tourism in the post - pandemic period.

The conference is organized by the Tourism Committee of the Business Centre for economic development of the CIS countries and the Coordinating Council of non-profit organizations of Russia, with the participation of experts of the public movement “Strong Russia”.