International Art Project “ANGELS OF PEACE”

Project name: International Art Project "ANGELS OF PEACE"

Project manager: Natalya Valentinovna Yatsenko, museum specialist, member of the Guild of Marketers of Russia, member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

Place and time: the countries of Eurasia, the project is unlimited

Project goal: Assistance in the development of the socio-cultural space of Eurasia on the basis of eternal universal human values - Love, Gratitude and Unity

Main objectives:

  • Creation of a unique art object "Calendar of the Angels of Peace" - a single picture of 365 works by artists from different countries
  • Cultural exchange, promoting the development of cultural dialogue between artists from around the world
  • Organization of project exhibitions in regions and countries of Eurasia
  • Organization of literary and music competitions, festivals, creative programs on the basis of the project
  • Development of the direction of social inclusion, cooperation with charitable organizations, decoration of social and children's institutions with posters with the project pictures

Project content:

There are many negative events and emotions in the world that lead people and countries to forget about constructive, “environmentally friendly” communication and cooperation. Each of us has free resources: skills, connections, opportunities, premises, media, transportation, etc. A lot can be done by combining them. Uniting ordinary people living here and now - artists and gallery owners, poets, actors and musicians, journalists and doctors from different countries - for 7 years the project has shown that the most key values that help to adequately pass the most difficult life trials are the same for all people - Love, Gratitude and Unity.

The project brings together artists from different countries and continents to create an international exhibition consisting of 365 paintings (according to the number of days in a year) dedicated to the image of the Guardian Angel and higher powers that help people in their movement forward, for Creation, Love, preservation of Peace on Earth, as well as spiritual and physical healing.

Stages of project implementation:

  • Traveling exhibitions of paintings and posters of the project
  • III International Contest "Poetry of the Angels of Peace" (April - September 2021)
  • Exhibition "Angels of Peace" as part of the Assembly Days in the Republic of Bashkortostan (July 3-10, 2021)
  • Creation of the museum "Angels of Peace" with a unique exposition of an art object of 365 paintings (a single picture of 4 m. height and almost 92 m. length)

Project presentation (PDF)

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Project news

II International Art and Graphics Contest "Angels of Peace. Images" named after artist Yulia Ivanova | January 07 – April 25, 2023

Results of the IV International Competition "Poetry of the "Angels of Peace"

A New Exhibition opened at the Headquarters of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

International Online Contest of Children's Drawings "Angels of Peace - Children. 2022" | November 4 – December 31, 2022

IV International Contest "Poetry of the Angels of the World" | 06.06-30.09.2022

Two Kind and Bright Projects united thanks to the Support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

International Charitable Contest of Painting and Graphics "Faces of the Angels of the World" named after an Artist Yulia Ivanova | February 01 – April 25, 2022

International Charitable Contest of Painting and Graphics "Images of the Angels of Peace" named after an artist Yulia Ivanova | 01.02-15.04.2022

Winners of the International Contest "Poetry of the Angels of the World"

Deadline for accepting applications for the Contest "Poetry of the Angels of Peace"

For the first time 80 Large Paintings of the "Angels of Peace" Art Project from 15 countries are presented in Ufa

International contest of poems "Poetry of the Angels of Peace". Acceptance of works until 31.07

"Angels of Peace" settled in the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly