Two Kind and Bright Projects united thanks to the Support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

17/05/2022 13:24

The international art project "Angels of Peace" opened an exhibition in Bogdanovich (Sverdlovsk region, Russia), reported by the Center for the Contemporary Cultural Environment of the urban district of Bogdanovich.

Recall that the International Art Project "Angels of Peace" is being implemented under the support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly. And every year, the city of Bogdanovich, hosts the International Festival-TV Bridge “Christmas Unites” also supported by the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

The exhibition of the International Art Project "Angels of Peace" opened at the Stepan Shchipachev Literary Museum of Bogdanovich. The prehistory of the exhibition deserves a special discussion - it is a story about how a chain of seemingly random events is formed into something single, inspiring, uniting hearts, thoughts and souls.

In 1997, a young artist Yulia Ivanova from Krasnoyarsk fell seriously ill, there was no hope for recovery, and Yulia began to draw Angels every day, in gratitude for the hours she had lived, for the opportunity to communicate with loved ones. A miracle happened - the disease receded, and the project "Angels of Peace" was born. Since April 2014 it brings together artists from different countries and continents to create an international exhibition consisting of 365 paintings, according to the number of days in a year. Each artist can submit only one work, meter to meter painting, on the theme "Guardian Angel".

At the end of 2019, in the urban district of Bogdanovich, for the first time, friends from different cities and countries gathered for the first International Tele-Bridge Festival "Christmas Unites". The festival was looking for its own image, a symbol that would resonate with everyone's soul. On New Year's Eve, the Stepan Shchipachev Literary Museum opened an exhibition of Nadezhda Gorbach, an artist from Bogdanovichi, a teacher at the art department of the Children's Art School. Among the many fabulous works filled with light was a small picture in which an Angel in felt boots and a sheepskin coat smiled as he flew over the city and sprinkled snow on the roofs of houses. This "Snow Angel" of Hope became the talisman of the International Festival.

In 2021, the International Tele-Bridge Festival "Christmas Unites" was held under the support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, and among the projects supported by the organization was the International Art Project "Angels of the World". Two projects from Bogdanovich and Krasnoyarsk became friends. At the festival, participants of the "Poetry of the Angels of Peace" competition wrote poems devoted to these paintings, poems were recited by poets online. The poems were from lip to lip, and pictures were seen by a large number of people at once - this was a powerful wave of Light and Life! Then the idea arose to invite the "Angels of the Peace" to Bogdanovich, to the Stepan Shchipachev Literary Museum.

Somehow it was decided that Bogdanovich must be represented in the "Angels of Peace", especially since the city already has its own little "Snow Angel". The Angel of Nadezhda Gorbach became beloved and recognizable, his image appeared on calendars, badges, gingerbread - souvenirs of the festival. According to the terms of the project, the size of the painting should be one to one meter. Having never worked with large formats, Nadezhda took a chance and repeated the "Snow Angel" on a large canvas. The creation of this work was again accompanied by miracles! The canvas was made and donated by one of the Bogdanovichi artists, oil paints, which usually dry for at least a week, dried out in two days, and even a suitable place was found in the calendar of the Angels of Peace project - December 11th. The Snow Angel of Nadezhda joined the project at the opening of the exhibition at the Stepan Shchipachev Literary Museum on April 30 this year and became the 355th work in the Angels of Peace calendar. Now the project includes the work of painters from 25 countries of the world (Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Canada, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska), Macedonia, Belarus, England, USA, Ukraine, Slovenia, Spain, Kazakhstan, India, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Turkey, Cyprus, Austria, Armenia, Greece).

The poets of Bogdanovich: Ivan Tukhta, Anna Orlyukova, Lyubov Chernykh, Svetlana Berseneva read their "angelic" poems at the opening of a wonderful landmark exhibition for the city. The “Prayer” by Bulat Okudzhava was performed by Nikita Kolesnikov in a special way among the Angels on the walls of the living room of the museum. The video greeting of the participants of this cultural event from Natalia Yatsenko (project director, member of the Guild of Marketers of Russia, member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, specialist in museum business) and Oleg Rovd (PR director, member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, expert in excursion business) sounded light and touching.

The main thing that distinguishes this exhibition in the flow of other events is a slow, quiet conversation about the innermost with the soul of everyone who comes to the paintings of the "Angels of the World", with everyone who reads the lines of poetry written for the canvases by poets from all over the world. And again a miracle happened - they talked at the opening about the amazing history of the project, read poetry, listened to music, peered at the pictures, and inside everyone had a powerful dialogue with himself. And people came out after the opening inspired, enlightened, filled with faith.

It will be possible to communicate with the "Angels of Peace" at the Stepan Shchipachev Literary Museum until the end of June, and then the Angels will fly through the villages of the Bogdanovich urban district, where people are already waiting to meet them.