International Poetry Contest “Poetry of Angels of Peace”. Applications are accepted until July 31

09/06/2021 18:40

"Poetry of the Angels of Peace" is an international contest of poems. It is held as part of the large-scale art project "Angels of Peace" supported by the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

If you think about eternal values and can put words in verse, take a look at the website of the international social art project "Angels of Peace":

There you’ll see 335 paintings from 335 artists from 25 countries.

Choose a painting that resonates with your soul and write a poem.

The "Angels of Peace" project brings together artists from different countries and continents to create an international exhibition consisting of 365 paintings (according to the number of days in a year) dedicated to the Guardian Angel and higher powers that help people in their movement forward for Creation, Love, preservation of Peace on Earth, as well as spiritual and physical healing.

The poems of the contest winners will be included in the permanent exhibition of the "Angels of Peace" Art Project and will be exhibited in cities of Russia and the world.

Applications for participation in the contest are accepted until July 31, 2021 at the email address:

Information by phones: 8 913 837 23 21, 8 913 53 25 416

The contest regulations here:

Contest tag: # поэзияангеловмира

Participation is free.

Project Background

In 1997, a young artist Yulia Ivanova fell seriously ill and was between life and death. The doctors did not even promise her recovery. Then she began to draw an Angel every day in gratitude for every day she lived, for the opportunity to see her little son. And the disease was defeated; Yulia was able to fully recover. She continues to draw Angels for herself and other people. The "Angels of Peace" project is her idea.