Creative Contest “DISCOVER EURASIA”

Project Name: International Youth Project - Creative Contest “DISCOVER EURASIA”

Project Manager: Kristina Tatarnikova, Manager of Youth Projects and Programs of the Department of the General Secretariat of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly for youth cooperation, co-Chair of the Coordinating Council of the Eurasian Youth Assembly.

Venue: Internet space, countries of Eurasia.

Implementation Time: from July 2020, in perpetuity.

Project Goal: to consolidate the continent's youth community through culture and art within the Contest program, strengthening friendly relations between countries, promotion of the continent, popularization of ethnic traditions and moral culture the peoples of Eurasia.

Project Objectives:

  • implementation of creative initiatives of young people and providing support for young talents in Eurasia;
  • organizing and conducting creative events in Eurasian countries;
  • attracting representatives of younger generation to cultural and historical heritage of the continent’s countries;
  • strengthening the dialogue of young talents with representatives of international expert community;
  • promotion of ethnic traditions and moral culture of the peoples of Eurasia;
  • popularization of tourist routes in Eurasia;
  • promoting the need to protect the environment and preserve the architectural heritage of the continent.

Project Content:

The project is an annual platform for the development of creative potential and leadership qualities of young talents from the countries of Eurasia. It contributes to the strengthening of good-neighborly relations and ethnic and cultural unity of the peoples of the continent through the introduction of the young generation to the spiritual and moral values, traditions, cultural and historical heritage of the Eurasian countries.

In 2020, the project will be held in the format of a photo contest on the territory of the Eurasian countries in an online format. Children and youth aged 7 to 35 years, living in the countries of Eurasia: the international public organizations, representatives of student unions and fraternities at universities of Eurasian countries, students of secondary educational institutions, media representatives and bloggers, representatives of professional creative workshops and studios, representatives of children's and youth creative collectives can participate in the creative contest.

Expected Results:

The DICOVER EURASIA photo contest is aimed at creating a collection of unique photos, as well as forming an international youth asset of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly “Young Photographers of Eurasia”. The project will be a platform for communication of young talents from the countries of Eurasia. The project contributes to the development of the mentoring Institute.


Official hashtags: #discovererasia #discoverurasianleopard

Reception of Contest Works in 2020 is open from July 15 to October 15.

Photo Contest Nominations:

  • Link between Generations. Memory of the Great Patriotic War;
  • Volunteers of Eurasia. Future is in Hands of Young People;
  • Tourist Routes of Eurasia. Nature of My Region;
  • Urban Environment and Architecture. From History to Modernity;
  • Traditions and Culture of the Eurasian Peoples. History of My Native Land;
  • Sports and Healthy Lifestyle. Together to New Victories.

To participate in the Photo Contest:

1. Fill out the participant's form.

2. Send the contest photo within one of the presented thematic areas to the email address

3. Post your contest photo on Instagram with the hashtags #discoverurasia #discoverurasia # eurasiaassembly and tag the Youth Assembly @youth.assembly.

Regulation of the International Youth Project - creative contest “DISCOVER EURASIA”

Contest Presentation

Project news:

Only a Month is left until the End of Accepting Applications for the DISCOVER EURASIA Photo Contest

“Don't Miss the Moment”: Organizing Committee of the DISCOVER EURASIA Photo Contest Received the First Work

Since July 15, 2020 Youth Photo Contest “DISCOVER EURASIA” Starts Accepting Applications