Sputnik. Nazi Hunger Plan: “Destroying 30 Million Slavs, We will feed Every German”

04/01/2021 11:00

© Sputnik / Evgeny Khaldei

The politicians of the Third Reich planned the war against the Soviet Union as a war of annihilation. The Nazis did not envisage anything “living in Munich and drinking Bavarian” for the Slavs, as well as for other non-German peoples.

RIGA, January 4 - Sputnik, Andrey Tatarchuk. On June 15, 1941, a week before the attack on the USSR, at a closed meeting at the Wewelsburg castle, the Reich leaders in North Rhine-Westphalia approved the “Barbarossa” Attack Plan and the economic base of the genocide - the expediency of destroying 20 to 30 million Soviet citizens.

In 1946, the international Nuremberg Tribunal sentenced most of the Nazi bosses - but the plan of the genocide of the population of the USSR remained outside the brackets of the trial.

The thesis “would have surrendered Moscow and Leningrad then, they would have been drinking Bavarian”, which was voiced in 2015, is now, of course, marginalized. Right-wing parties and liberals may try to refute the monstrous meaning of the “Ost” Plan drafts (the pre-war Eastern Territories Development Plan provided for population reduction through the destruction and evictions of Russians and, to a large extent, the Baltic peoples beyond the Urals, - ed.), assert the “falsification of materials from the Nuremberg trial”, but the Nazis genocide against the peaceful population of the Soviet Union is something that cannot be disputed.

With Teutonic Pedantry

In late December, the Investigative Committee of Russia received materials from the “Digital History” Research Foundation about the plans of the Nazi Third Reich leadership to exterminate 20 to 30 million civilians in the eastern territories - these are mainly citizens of the Soviet Union. The director of the Foundation, historian Yegor Yakovlev presented a report “The Nazi Hunger Plan: the Program of the Genocide of the USSR Population and Its Implementation” at the 6th Session of the International Public Forum “Preserving the Memory of the Second World and the Great Patriotic Wars” in St. Petersburg. Sputnik took part in the Forum, organized by the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio with the support of the St. Petersburg Council of Peace and Harmony and the State Budgetary Institution of Leningrad Region “House of Friendship”.