Schoolchildren from Murmansk tell their Peers about Sami Fairy Tales

09/11/2021 00:09

Masha and Maxim Petrakov live in Murmansk. They are very fond of folk tales. The children are so engaged in folk art that they themselves became real storytellers. They not only listen to fairy tales, but make them up, draw and even create real dolls and masks. Fairy tale characters, amazing animals live in their drawings, and the dolls seem to be about to come to life.

Children created their own world. And their mother Natalia helps them in everything.

“My guys love to create. They love to make up fairy tales; I and our teachers try to help them in everything. We were lucky with the teacher. Elena Vasilievna Sakharova is a very good mentor. Thanks to her work, the guys create such works. She knows how to inspire children,” - says mother.

Masha and Maxim have already visited Artek. And this year the guys’ creativity became a real discovery for the organizers of the XVI International Festival of Family Media Creativity "Sunflower".

"It is amazing. The things the Murmansk schoolchildren Masha and Maksim create are for real museum exhibitions. How much talented, painstaking these works of art are, - says Olga Chirkova, Head of the Humanitarian Project of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly EURASIA KIDS, Director of the International Festival "Sunflower".

The amazing fairy tales made up by Masha and Maxim Petrakovs will be included in the collection of fairy tales about happiness, which will be released by the EURASIA KIDS project and the Department of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly. The collection will be addressed to children and adults. The EURASIA KIDS plans include the creation of a book with Masha and Maxim as its artists.

Kirill Chirkov