RUSSKIY MIR: DISCOVER EURASIA Contest will Unite Young People from Different Countries through Culture and Art

04/08/2020 11:37

Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly invites to join the annual creative contest DISCOVER EURASIA. This year the project is a photo contest. It will take place in a virtual space. Participants can be residents of all countries of Eurasia aged from 7 to 35 years.

The project is aimed at consolidating the continent's youth community through culture and art. It is also aimed to strengthen ties between residents of different countries. In addition, the contest will help promote the traditions and culture of the peoples of Eurasia.

The contest has several nominations for determining the best photos. They are: Link between Generations. Memory of the Great Patriotic War; Volunteers of Eurasia. Future is in the Hands of Young People; Tourist Routes of Eurasia. Nature of My Region and others.

The contest assumes the appearance of a unique collection of images. An international youth asset of the Assembly “Young Photographers of Eurasia” will also be formed. The project should become a platform for communication of young talents from the countries of Eurasia, as well as help develop the mentoring Institute.