Next Issue of the Project “Great Men of Greater Eurasia” has been Released

01/04/2020 16:28

This time our media mentors dedicated the issue to the actor Georgiy Millar - Charming Baba Yaga and the scary Koschei the Immortal. He seemed to play all the evil powers in the cinema. There is no man in the Eurasian space who does not know his fairy-tale characters. But few people know that this actor, who was so talented in performing negative fairy-tale characters, had a noble origin.

He was born at the dawn of the 20th century, in 1903, on November 7, the day of the October Revolution. But he regretted that it didn't happen on Bastille Day. French by origin, he was eager to dedicate himself to the scene even as a child. The first steps he took in amateur performances. Later the great Meyerhold became his theater mentor. But his talent was really revealed by the film director Alexander Rowe. These were fairy tales shoot by Rowe that Georgiy Millar played all the evil characters. Although they cannot be called evil by and large, so they turned out to be charming.

Modest, always doubting, he was able to thank for everything, at every turn of life, and this was Georgiy Millar phenomenon, a man who remained a child until his old age.

Recall, the media project “Great Men of Greater Eurasia” tells about the great people of different nationalities of the Eurasian continent. Its target audience is children, teachers, parents. The project is being implemented as a part of the “EURASIA KIDS” Humanitarian Project of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

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