IZHLIFE: More than 1000 Blind Children of the Volga Federal District will learn the Basics of Journalism Thanks to the Project of a Teacher from Izhevsk

13/11/2020 22:19

Photo: Olga Chirkova. Photo by: Amir Zakirov

The project is the winner of the special contest of the Presidential Grants Fund

Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly has set about creating a unique digital textbook “Lessons in Journalism for Blind Children”. The initiator of the project is a well-known Izhevsk resident Olga Chirkova, a teacher, head of the project EURASIA KIDS and the Centre for Social Production “Zhuraveynik”.

According to the Assembly Press Office, the new textbook will allow children with visual problems to get acquainted with the basics of journalism in audio format. They will learn genres, stylistic features, the history of foreign and domestic journalism and much more.

Olga Chirkova said that the idea to create such a textbook came after a positive experience of working with blind children in “Zhuraveynik”.

- And when we saw that they were doing well in journalism, we’ve made a paradoxical discovery - a person does not see, but is able to make television programs. We realized that other guys would succeed too! Now there is a need to create a textbook, we need some kind of database, - said a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.

For many years, Olga Chirkova taught at the faculty of journalism, she created her own methods. So, Olga became an initiator of creating such a project. In August this year, the project won a special contest of the Presidential Grants Fund. Now more than 1000 children of the Volga Federal district regions will have an access to a digital textbook for acquiring professional skills.

The audio textbook will be voiced by a well-known war correspondent Alexey Samoletov. He teaches journalism at Moscow universities, and has large experience working with blind children. In particular, he is the author of the audio project “Tales of the Peoples of the World”.

The project “Lessons in Journalism for Blind Children” will involve teachers, typhlopedagogues, psychologists, managers and employees of educational and rehabilitation centres, regional centres of the all-Russian society of the blind, well-known journalists, parents of children with disabilities.

Author: Igor Bobrov. Co-author: Ekaterina Ardasheva