The International Project "Time of Happy Discoveries" has started in Izhevsk

04/04/2022 23:15

In Izhevsk (Udmurtia, Russia) The international project "Time of Happy Discoveries" has started.

The organizers of the open festival are the Center for Support of Creative Initiatives "Zhuraveynik+", the international humanitarian project EURASIA KIDS, the Department of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

The project will last throughout April. The organizers plan online and offline meetings with unique people. Among them are guides, chefs, writers, poets, actors, journalists. Each of them will share their recipe for happiness.

Festival participants will receive a schedule for happy meetings every week. The first week of the festival opened with a trip to the village church. One of the events of the week will be a master class on Italian cuisine performed by a professional guide to Tuscany (Italy), cook, artist Lena Nabel.

The organizers of the festival note that every person has moments of happiness in life. For some, it is an unforgettable journey, for others - meetings with interesting people, for others - the ability to cook deliciously or talk about the secrets of archeology.

Today is the time to unite happy people, those who know how to get joy from every day, those who make themselves every day, what means the whole world, happier.

Let's deduce the formula of happiness together!

Kirill Chirkov