On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, We express Gratitude to Our Partners of the Unique Project “Journalism Lessons for the Blind”

03/12/2020 10:20

The UN General Assembly proclaimed December 3 the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 1992.

This year's theme is “Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 World”. In the context of the theme, UNESCO stresses the importance of strengthening collective efforts to ensure universal access to basic services, including social protection, education, digital infrastructure, accessible information, employment and other socio-cultural opportunities.

This day is intended to remind all of us of the need to continue our efforts to ensure an enabling environment for the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life on an equal basis with others.

And we, in turn, thank those who trust us and believe in the power of the project “Teaching journalism for young people and children over 12 years of age with disabilities due to eye disease and its adnexa “Journalism Lessons for the blind”:

  • Presidential Grants Foundation;
  • Izhevsk city organization of the Udmurt republican organization of the All-Russian public organization of disabled people “The All-Russian Order of the Red Banner of Labour Association of the Blind”;
  • URDOO “CSP Zhuraveinik”;
  • Non-profit organization “Ray of the Sun” Charitable Foundation;
  • Public Initiative “Special Mothers”;
  • All-Russian public charitable foundation “Russian Children's Foundation (RDF)” Udmurt Republican Branch;
  • “Sarapul Museum-Reserve”;
  • MBEI Lyceum of the 21st Ufa city district - Media Centre “Big Break”, Republic of Bashkortostan;
  • Nizhny Novgorod Marine Club;
  • Regional State Budgetary Educational Institution “Special educational institution “Ural Podvorie”;
  • Editorial office of the newspaper “Argumenty i Fakty” Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Joint Stock Company “TATMEDIA” Editorial office of the magazine “KAZAN”-“KAZAN”;
  • TV Channel and Website “Big Asia”;
  • International Association of Bloggers

and many other people who will be told about .

Thanks to everyone who supported and became a partner of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in “building an accessible and sustainable world” for and together with people with disabilities.

For reference

The project “Teaching journalism for young people and children over 12 years of age with disabilities due to eye disease and its accessory apparatus “Journalism Lessons for the Blind” implies the creation of the textbook “Journalism Lessons for Blind Children”. The audio guide will allow children with vision problems to get acquainted with the basics of the profession of a journalist. The textbook will contain several sections, listening the lessons children can study the genres of journalism and stylistic features, the history of world and Russian journalism.

The project is implemented by the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations “Eurasian Peoples' Assembly” using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for social services, social support and protection of citizens, provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.