INTERFAX: VICTORIOUS TOGETHER Festival announced the Winners

07/09/2020 10:27

Photo: Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly

Moscow. September 5. INTERFAX.RU - the XVI International Festival of Documentaries and TV programs VICTORIOUS TOGETHER has finished in Sevastopol.

In the International Documentary film contest, the Italian film “Transition”, directed by Michele Manzolini and Federico Ferroni, won the Grand Prix. Best feature film is “Resuscitation”, the Directors Stabenow Stanislav and Andrey Timoshenko. Best short film is “Eagle”, directed by Jafar Najafi (Iran). Best Screenplay – “Season of Antler Maturation”, directed by Galina Leontieva. Audience award was given to “Zhanin”, directed by Vladimir Bokun (Belarus). Special Jury awards were given to “Boris’ Sky”, directed by Nikolay Raisov (Kazakhstan) and “Over Three Seas”, directed by Sun-F Yun (Belgium, France). Special Mention of the jury award was given to “With Open Eyes”, directed by Maria Monreal Otano (Spain).

First Prize named after Vladislav Mikosha in the National Documentary Film contest was given to “Where is the Girl?”, Director Elena Laskari, producer Eugene Kokusen, Best Director Award – to Igor Shadkhan and the Guild of Film Critics Prize – to “Kostya of St. Petersburg”, directed by Yevgeny Sushchev, Best Cinematography Award named after Anatoly Golovni – to “Community”, directed by Pavel Fattakhutdinov and Svetlana Bobrova, cinematographer Anatoly Alekseev. Special Prize – to “Whatever you go for, you'll find” Director Marina Shuvalova. Special Jury diplomas were awarded to the films – “Rigert”, directed by Vladimir Eisner and “Not in Time”, directed by Natalia Lobko.

In the TV contest, the main prize was awarded to the film “More than a Coach”, directed by Nikolai Maletsky, Best TV Documentary – to “Road 101”, directed by Maria Smelkova, Best TV Series – to “Motherland calls for a Feat”, directed by Sergey Efremov, Best TV Work – to “Born on the Nevsky Pyatachok”, directed by Evgeny Popov. The best TV Culture work award named after Svyatoslav Belza – to “Natalia Shakhovskaya's Russian Rondo”, directed by Irina Zaitseva. The prize of the program “Military Secret” for the best TV project dedicated to national history – to the films “Red” and “Sevastopol Nuremberg”, directed by Konstantin Kovrigin. Award named after Gemma Firsova for the best film on a socio-philosophical theme – to “Sarah - with all her being”, directed by Gunilla Breski (Sweden). Special Jury Diploma was given to "Roland Bykov, Portrait of the Unknown Soldier", directed by Igor Kalyadin. Diplomas: “The Third Front of Crimea. Warriors of the People”, directed by Maria Lazaridi; “First Shot”, directed by Sergey Abramov, “Ice Clouds”, directed by Boris Dvorkin; “Tashakor”, directed by Yevgeny Barkhanov, “The Court”, directed by Robert Sedlacek (Czech Republic), “Forgotten craft. Gorodovoy (The Master)”, directed by Yulia Mavrina.

The winners of the Film School and the Social Film contests were also announced.

Festival organizers: the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, and the Government of Sevastopol. The project is implemented using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society, provided by the Presidential Grants Fund. The Honorary President of the festival is People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Menshov. Artistic Director is Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Miroshnichenko. The Project Manager is Valery Ruzin, President of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio.