Igor Zhuk: Current Situation is an Opportunity to Show Your Competitiveness and Ability to Adapt to New Trends

03/07/2020 14:46

Photo: Igor Zhuk - Head of the International Center for the Export and Import

Crisis period is not only a time of losses and damages, but also a time when circumstances push companies to seek effective problems solving in the context of financial and personnel crisis. The opportunities that companies, that have survived the coronacrisis, should take advantage of were discussed at an online conference held on July 2 by the International Center for Export and Import (ICEI).

We remind that ICEI was established on June 1 this year. It is a part of the Association “Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation” - a partner of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly. The primary tasks of the ICEI are to assist domestic export-oriented companies, including manufacturers of high-tech and innovative products, and to help foreign companies that want to work on the Russian goods and services market.

Dmitry Protasovsky, General Director of the Association “RH ISTC”, made a welcoming speech.

- The coronavirus has given many companies, both domestic and foreign, a choice: disappear in the near future or, taking advantage of the fact that the pandemic has revealed all the weak points of the business, find a way to become stronger and more secure. We all face the same problem, and we also need to solve them together,” - said Dmitry Protasovsky.

During the conference, participants discussed what can be effective anti-crisis solutions and where to look for foreign trade growth points in the current conditions of economic turbulence.

Igor Zhuk, Head of the International Export and Import Center, spoke about the goals, tasks and structure of the Center. He focused on the fact that ICEI offers simple, fast and successful types of support at all stages of the export cycle, including an individual approach and solution for each client, personal support and the ability of unimpeded work around the world.

Also, he noted that the current situation related to the coronacrisis is a great opportunity to show the competitiveness and ability to adapt to new trends and standards, and ICEI is ready to provide its support in this regard.

Foreign partners of ICEI from Germany, India, China, Nigeria, Thailand and the UAE spoke about the prospects of Russian products entering local markets. They also explained the rules of doing business, warned about possible barriers, and described the nuances of local certification. During the conference, questions were raised about all the features that should be kept in mind when working in these markets.

ICEI coaching partners paid much attention to personal support of potential exporters. They spoke about how this process is going, starting with comprehensive diagnostics, analysis of the export potential of the company and the product, drawing up an individual action plan and ending with the conclusion of an export contract.

The need to respond quickly to changing market conditions, as well as the interest of participants in further cooperation, indicate that ICEI conferences will become a permanent platform for exchanging expert opinions and searching for new business partners.