The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Partner Established the International Export and Import Center

03/06/2020 14:55

A new structure - the International Center for Export and Import (ICEI) of the Association “Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation” (RH ISTC) has been launched on June 1. RH ISTC is the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly partner.

- The results of the abroad work of domestic international organizations are disappointing. The concept of "soft power", which put the humanitarian and theoretical approach at the forefront, has shown its failure. Now it is important to realize that “soft power” is scientific and industrial cooperation, solving complex scientific and technical problems, mutually beneficial trade and crossing economies, and creating new jobs. It can be implemented using Russian experience and best practices on the territory of partner countries. By focusing them on the exchange of technologies and goods, connecting their residents and our economy through scientific and educational programs, creating joint production and investment projects, we can ensure that the population of partner countries will strive to learn the Russian language and understand our culture, which, in turn, will increase our weight as a major player in the world market, - said Dmitry Protasovsky, General Director of the Association RH ISTC".

From year to year, Russian high-tech companies, medium-sized and small businesses are forced to overcome many barriers when entering foreign markets. Their number is constantly growing, and the coronavirus pandemic threatens to destroy the logistics chains and distribution networks that have been formed over the years. The economic collapse of the outer perimeter will be a serious blow to the business in Russia.

However, each challenge has its own answer. Over the years, specialists of the Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation have created a database of knowledge and competencies that allow to find solutions to problems of any level of complexity. The Association has long functioned as a non-governmental institution that interacts with foreign partners in the field of international scientific and technical cooperation, and now it is time to use this experience for the common good.

On June 1, the International Center for Export and Import (ICEI) started its work as part of the Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation. Igor Nikolaevich Zhuk will become a Head of it. Previously he held leading positions in the companies “Consent”, “Rosgosstrakh”, the Bank of Russia and the Russian Export Center (REC).

The emergence of the International Export and Import Center is necessary for smooth approaches to the international agenda. In this period of re-evaluation of values, it is time to take a new look at the tools that Russia uses with its partner countries. It is necessary to rethink the very concept of “soft power” and move to an applied and rational scientific, technical and economic approach.

- We move into the post-tandem period. Along with the risks, it also brings opportunities. The activities of the Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation are in line with the Presidential Decree “On National Goals and Strategic Objectives for the Development of the Russian Federation until 2024”. Thus, the formation of a competence center for providing export-import support and promotion of Russian organizations and enterprises is a timely decision, - said Viktor Ivanov, President of the Association “RH MSTC”.

The main goals and objectives of ICEI are to assist and provide a full range of services to Russian export - oriented enterprises and foreign businesses, including high-tech companies in organizing export-import activities. The ICEI provides several directions. In particular, in the sphere of responsibility of the international division are services for conducting export and import activities. The regional division is responsible for working with exporters and importers in the regions, while the development and training division is responsible for improving the skills of enterprise employees in various aspects of export activities, such as logistics, customs clearance and quality management of customer experience.

- ICEI is established as a tool to support Russian enterprises and promote Russian export-oriented goods and technologies. Its task is to combine and consolidate existing resources. Our organization's activities are to extend to the entire world, including the countries that are members of the EEU, SCO, BRICS, ASEAN, APEC and the EU. To ensure uninterrupted scientific and technical cooperation, we use the infrastructure and business channels of the Association “Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation”. The focus of the ICEI will be on supporting and developing exporters,” explained Igor Zhuk, Head of the ICEI.