Happiness of the Peoples of the World: Armenia

14/07/2022 15:58

In connection with the launch of a joint project of the Eurasian Tourism Security Council and the Department of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly “Happiness of the Peoples of the World”, Anastasia Pavlova, Chairman of the Eurasian Tourism Security Council, talks about countries where the happiness of their citizens is a priority for state activity.

"Knock on seven doors to open one."
Armenian proverb

This proverb contains the style of the Armenian character, perseverance and reasonable optimism.

A family

Armenia's happiness index is 4.297, placing the country in 130th place out of 158 countries in the world. At the same time, speaking about the real happiness of Armenia, one can say with full responsibility that Armenian happiness is a FAMILY. Family in its complex understanding. In Armenia, kin culture is greatly revered. All relatives are treated with respect. Armenian families are an oasis of absolute love and hospitality.

Family traditions are passed down from generation to generation.

Interesting Facts

Few people know that Anna of Byzantium, the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Roman II and the wife of the Grand Duke of Kyiv Vladimir Svyatoslavich, an Armenian by birth, played an exceptional role in the history of Russia.

Armenia is one of the most ancient states in the world. Armenians are also considered one of the oldest peoples in the world.

More than 100 thousand years ago people settled the territory of modern Armenia.

The capital of Armenia - Yerevan - is one of the most ancient cities on the Earth. The city was founded in 782 BC by king of Urartu Argishti. Even Rome was built almost three decades later.

The buildings in the city of Yerevan are built of a special type of stone that has a pink tint. It is not surprising that this city is called "pink".

The world's first textbook of arithmetic problems was compiled by the Armenian scientist, mathematician of the 6th century, David the Invincible. A copy of this problem book is kept in the Yerevan Matenadaran.

“Mother Armenia” is the largest monument in Yerevan.

The Armenian Lake Sevan is the largest in the Caucasus. Its area is 1240 km², and the depth reaches 80 meters. The longest swim in the world was carried out on Lake Sevan.

Armenian is the only language in the world in which the name of the Bible is directly related to God. The word Bible in Armenian sounds like "Astvatsashunch", that is, "God's Breath".

In Armenian schools, chess is a compulsory subject in which children take an exam. Not surprisingly, it has the highest concentration of grandmasters per capita.

The Armenian people consider Mount Ararat sacred because, according to the Armenians, it was here that Noah's ark stopped after the biblical flood.

The interesting thing is that no matter where you are in Armenia, you will always see Mount Ararat.

The height of Mount Ararat is 5165 meters and is one of the highest mountains in Eurasia.

The Armenian alphabet is considered one of the three most perfect in the world. In 405, the Armenian alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashtots.

Apricot is a symbol of the country. On the flag of Armenia, the lower orange stripe symbolizes this particular fruit.

Armenian wine is famous all over the world. And not in vain, because the wine here is made from special grapes.

More than 17 thousand monuments of painting are in the Armenian art gallery.

The most ancient footwear found in the territory of the village of Areni was discovered in Armenia. The shoe is thought to be over 5,500 years old.

The Armenian State Geological Museum houses the largest meteorite in Armenia.

“Knows more, not the one who has lived longer, but the one who has traveled further,” - this is how they say in Armenia.

Travel has an important place in the Armenian happiness formula. At the same time, when traveling, there must be a good company of people who trust each other.

“In each country, put on a local hat,” - they say in Armenia.


Armenia has given the world unique names whose creativity makes more than one generation of people in different countries of the world happy.

Arno Babajanyan and Aram Khachaturyan are the absolute geniuses of Armenia for all time. Their great creativity with the bright sun of the Armenian soul is  without borders.

“I would really like us all to need each other,” - said the illustrious son of Armenia Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

In these words, all the empathy of a strong Armenian character, the nature of people who are sincerely glad to see guests and for whom to meet, to feed deliciously, to talk pleasantly and this is the happiness of life.

Armenia continues to amaze and delight the world with its talents even today.

Among the galaxy of new Armenian names that make up the pride of the great Armenian land, there is a new name of the neoclassical composer Tigran Jagaryan, a man who, without knowing musical notation, writes the most talented works dedicated to the Geniuses of the World.