Hainan Life. "The Path": Dedication to Ancient Confucius from the Ambassador of Tourism Confucius

28/10/2021 20:00

In these autumn days, the acquaintance with a new creation about Meanings from Eternity has become a real "feast for the soul" for us. Its author - Anastasia Pavlova, has many titles, we will only mention a few. She is the Author and Head of the International Integration Program "CIS + WORLD" and the "CIS + CHINA" project, member of the General Council of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the DC of the CIS Countries, Ambassador of Happiness of China 2021….

A listing of all the hypostases of this extraordinary woman, who, due to her enormous busyness, magically finds time for creativity, a simple list of her titles and achievements would require more text than all of ours today's note. Including  Anastasia Valerievna writes kind and unusual children's fairy tales. But let's not forget from this list to mention one more symbol of honor and recognition that Anastasia Valerievna was awarded by Chinese friends: in 2018 she became the Ambassador of Tourism of Confucius.

Considering the tremendous respect that the Chinese people (and representatives of many other countries of the world) have for the personality of Confucius and for his philosophical heritage, the appointment of Ms. Pavlova's as Confucius Ambassador of Tourism clearly testifies to the high recognition of her merits from China.

And this autumn, Anastasia Valerievna once again confirmed the correctness and validity of this recognition: under her pen came out the first Russian-language play in verse dedicated to Confucius in history. It is called succinctly: "The Path".

Retelling the content of the play is a thankless task, so we share a link to the author's work: https://matreshka-journal.com/konfuciy

For ourselves, we have already written out a few lines from the play to the list of important quotes. We sincerely recommend you a leisurely and thoughtful reading, dear friends! The play has enough bright and abstract, allegorical scenes that will surely make your imagination work at full capacity. It is important today, when we are helpfully offered from everywhere ready-made sets of semantic associations wrapped in "acidic", flashy "wrappers" designed in such a way, to get our attention by all means. Hiding behind themselves the triviality, if not even emptiness, they easily send our own possibilities of abstraction from everyday life to the "country of Laziness". All the more clearly stands out against the background of these dummy "The Path", which can be re-read over and over again.

So enjoy your dive! And we will reveal a little secret: our team is already working on staging the play on a real theater stage in Hainan. If everything works out, it would be very symbolic to see the "The Path" in the "decorations" of the world's southernmost Temple of Confucius, which, as you know, is located in the city of Wenchang in Hainan.... Of course, this is not an easy matter, because there is still little experience in bilingual theatrical performances here; and the subject matter of the work, as well as its language (including the translation into Chinese, which has yet to be done), require a particularly scrupulous approach. But we are sure that we will succeed. And we invite like-minded people to join us. After all, as the play says, “ideas shine. Possibilities in price. "

We thank Anastasia Valerievna Pavlova for the opportunity to touch the high art!