"Good Deeds Marathon" starts its Work

10/12/2022 19:16

In the photo: TV presenter Andrey Maksimov

"Good Deeds Marathon" - this is the name of the action invented by the children, parents and teachers.

Its goal is to acquaint people with the project "EURASDIA KIDS", to tell about partners and friends. The last month of the outgoing year is an exciting and vain time. It is time to do all the unfinished business in the year. In the New Year's bustle, no one is to be left without attention and a gift.

This year the children's gifts are unusual. These are family tales that they recorded together with their parents. The collections of audio fairy tales include works by the famous animator Vladimir Suteev and TV presenter Andrei Maksimov.

First of all, audio fairy tales will go to nursing homes and hospices.