EURSIA KIDS learned what “Rio Abierto” is

05/10/2020 17:51

Maria Adela Palcos lives in Argentina. She is 89 years old. She is a peace ambassador, mother and grandmother. All her life, she strives to make every person in the world happy and have the opportunity to realize his potential. It was she who created the system of human development, which is called “Rio Abierto” (Rio Abierto – in Spanish, “open river”). Maria Adela's students in Russia believe that practice can help everyone, and called it “Live Dancing”.

The “Live Dancing” master class for EURASIA KIDS was held at the Republican rehabilitation centre “Adeli” (Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia). Classes were held by instructor Elya Mullagaleeva (Kazan). The public initiative “Women of Kama” supported the master class.

Children, teachers and parents got acquainted with a new dance system, which is unusual for many in Russia. The new dance system has its own history.

What is the essence of live dancing? This is a developing practice. It is filled with movement and beautiful music. Dancing is easy and accessible to everyone. This system brings joy and vitality. From the first dance moves, each participant relaxes and gets inspired. All those who attended the master class at the “Adeli” centre felt this.

Anastasia Shirokikh: “This is the first time my daughter and I have attended such an event. That's cool! It is very wonderful that we attended the master class. I have a girl with Down syndrome. She loves to dance. And for her, this practice was interesting. Thank you all!”

Nastya Ponomareva