EURASIA KIDS will get acquainted with "Warm Fairy Tales of the North"

03/11/2021 16:40

Very soon, EURASIA KIDS will learn about another fabulous project - “Warm Fairy Tales of the North”. The park of fairy tales will soon open in Udmurtia (Russia). It was invented and now is being implemented by a real storyteller Yuri Chernetsov, director of the ANO “Center for the Development of Professional Skills and Tourism”.

The ethnographic tourist site "Warm Fairy Tales of the North" has already been made in the form of wooden figures - images of the heroes of legends and fairy tales of the peoples of the North. As conceived by its creators, real fairy tales will be played out here using visualized images. Guests who come to the fairy tale park will also take part in fairy tales.

The fairy tale park will provide grownup and small tourists with transportation by various types of transport, guides’ services, animators, visits to the ethno park, ethno cultural events.

The “Warm Fairy Tales of the North” project is aimed at different categories of tourists: children aged 6 to 12, their parents, youth, teachers. Special attention in the complex will be given to children with disabilities.

The first stage of the project - the installation of wooden figures - took place on November 1. By May 1, 2022, project managers plan to launch the second stage of the ethno park, that is the creation of a platform for teaching folk crafts. The third stage of the project will provide the final design of the ethno park, the rotation of wooden figures for various target groups, and the holding of ethnic events of the republican level.

The organizers of the fairy tale park plan to bring the total number of tourists by the end of 2021 to 200 people.

Kirill Chirkov