"EURASIA KIDS": There are no Boundaries to a Child's Dream

02/04/2020 10:41

Today, April 2, is the International Children's Book Day. Usually, a lot of events take place on this day starting with forums at the highest levels and ending with children's matinees. They are aimed at drawing attention to literature, book art and book culture for children, to the problems of accessibility of children's books and spreading of children's reading.

Unfortunately, this year, for well-known reasons, Children's Book Day is not celebrated as widely as usual. But there is always a way out of any difficult situation. A good example is the project of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly “EURASIA KIDS”. This is a humanitarian project that includes an information and cultural exchange between children. Children tell each other about their vision of the world and life. The project “EURASIA KIDS” publishes children’s stories, photo and video materials, organizes, supports and develops information and cultural exchange in the online format.

Children are assisted by media mentors from different countries. Among them is war correspondent Alexey Samiletov. His project "Tales of the Peoples of the World" is known and loved in many countries and cities of Eurasia. The project "EURASIA KIDS", its group "VKontakte" has already created an amazing library, which includes more than 900 fairy tales from 65 countries.

Last year, the International Family Project “Aunt Pulcheria's Fairytale Club” began its work. The aim of the club is to tell children about the fairytales of different countries, to introduce the traditions and customs of different nations to them. Classes are held in a game format. Everyone can join the fabulous online lessons.

The project “EURASIA KIDS” is a story that a child’s dream has no boundaries. Children with disabilities participate in it too. So, in Izhevsk (Russia), Anton Ponomarev, using Braille, publishes a city newspaper for blind children.

The organizers of the project “EURASIA KIDS” have many ideas and plans. On World Children's Book Day, the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly wishes them further victories in shaping the spiritual and intellectual character of new generations of the Earth.