EURASIA KIDS Learned to Play African Drums

05/06/2020 13:29

The next online conference of the project EURASIA KIDS was dedicated to African Drums.

Ebrima Mbenga media representative of the project was our guest. In his homeland, the Gambia, the drum is one of the most beloved musical instruments. Ebrima sang, played and talked about his life in Africa!

Do you know that in Africa, playing the drums is as popular as playing the guitar and piano in Europe? Guys from this hot continent are fond of playing drums, wrestling and football! This is for them something like dancing for us!

If you live in Africa, what hobby would you choose? Fight? Football? Drums? Or, like Ebrima, would you do everything? Come to our online meetings on Thursdays on the official page of EURASIA KIDS in Facebook and tell us in the comments!