EURASIA KIDS learned how to make a Home Theater

21/09/2021 22:23

"How to make a home theater?" is the name of the master class of Oksana Akelieva, the dean of the GITIS faculty of scenography. Children, teachers and parents really liked the story of how dolls come to life in the hands of artists. The master class was held as part of the XVI International Festival of Family Media Creativity "Sunflower".

Oksana Vasilievna introduced the children to the history of theatrical puppets, told about what kind of puppets work in the theater. However, the most exciting thing was the creation of a puppet theater right in front of the participants of the master class. It turns out that a real home theater can be made from improvised means, even from a simple box.

The plans of the master class participants are to create their own fabulous performances. Young actors very much hope that the teachers of one of the most respected universities of GITIS will become mentors of families, including those in which special children are brought up.

Alena Selezneva