EURASIA KIDS: Felicita in the New Year

09/01/2023 18:53

A real New Year's miracle happened in the "EURASIA KIDS" project.

The smallest participant in the contest "Heart New Year's greetings to a friend" Sofya Vorobyova lives in the village of Mostovoye (Sarapulsky district, Udmurt Republic, Russia). Sophia is a little fairy. Together with her mother Yulia Dudnik, she believes in miracles.

And a real Christmas miracle happened! TV presenter, traveler, cook, host of the program “Let's go, let's eat!” on NTV Federico Arnaldi sent warm Italian greetings to the young sorceress.

Of course, the producer of the program and a good friend of our project, Alla Pugovkina, became the real New Year's sorceress. It was with she that the famous TV presenter learned about the little sorceress from the rural outback.

May the new year 2023 bring good, wonderful news to everyone! Let TV news be tasty and interesting. May all people in the world learn to be friends!