EURASIA KIDS attended the Master Class "Easter Doll"

20/04/2022 18:05

On April 18, as part of the international festival "Time of Happy Discoveries", a talented master puppeteer, practicing psychologist, candidate of Psychological Sciences Alevtina Orel (Krasnodar, Russia) held a video conference. EURASIA KIDS and media volunteers of the Happiness Department took part in the conference.

On the eve of the brightest Orthodox Easter holiday, Alevtina Orel held a master class on making a gift doll-winder, inside which an Easter egg is hidden.

"I was fascinated by the creation of dolls by the fact that there is no need to sew and embroider. As God creates people, so we can create the whole universe from scraps of cloth! In addition, through the creation of dolls, you can work out a lot of problems, this is a whole doll therapy!" the master puppeteer shared.

Step by step, explaining each action in detail to the audience and showing by her own example, Alevtina made a wonderful doll! Moreover, anyone can make such a doll, because certain skills are not required for its manufacture, you just need to pick up beautiful scraps of fabric and listen carefully to the master, repeating after him.

"We take threads and scraps, and suddenly something turns out! This is the great find — the realization that you can do anything. Especially children have a growing awareness that they can do something important," said Alevtina Orel.

The master also told us that we are all magicians. The main thing is to formulate desires correctly and know what you want. Thus, creating a doll, you can make wishes and say good thoughts out loud — everything will come true.

"I love dolls dearly, they are wonderful! And the creation of dolls, combined with techniques from psychology, gives an amazing result. You can talk to the doll and imagine what she would say to you. Information appears in your head that may be valuable to you," - said Alevtina Orel.

At the end of the creative meeting, Alevtina Orel not only answered all the questions of the audience and appreciated their dolls, but also expressed a great desire to hold several more thematic classes on making dolls.

Julia Kiikova