EURASIA KIDS: African Drums Unite

16/09/2020 13:16

The XV International Festival of Children's and Youth Media “Sunflower”, one of the events of the Humanitarian project of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly EURASIA KIDS, this year was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Ebrima Mbenga (Gambia) told Children of Eurasia about how African soldiers fought the Nazis.

One of the highlights of the festival was a master class from the international Mbenga family. Mom Ksenia, dad Ebrima and two-year-old baby Kirill showed how to play the African Djembe drums. Ebrima is from a large family, the eldest of his six siblings.

He also spoke about the drums that he brings from his homeland, from West Africa. “Djembe are real drums,” - says Ebrima. “They have always been the instruments of winners and united people.” The drums are made of mahogany wood. In order for the drum to really sound, you need to choose the right tree. The drums are covered with goatskin, and the sound of the instrument is also affected by the way the ropes are stretched. To play correctly, it is important to know three types of strokes – and you can play. At the master class, everyone learned to play the drums: both adults and children.

Ebrima also sang a song in his native language. He sang that he was born and raised in Africa, came to Russia and now his homeland is here.

Alena Selezneva