EURASDIA KIDS made a "Journey to the Polunia Land"

19/07/2022 17:18

“Journey to the Polunia Land” is the name of a traveling exhibition of drawings that opened at the Adeli Republican Rehabilitation Center in Izhevsk (Udmurtia, Russia).

The young artists were inspired by the Israeli journalist and photographer Dmitry Brikman, who once met with the clown, the president of the Academy of Fools, Vyacheslav Polunin. These meetings resulted in several episodes of the Children's Non-Children's Question program, in which a famous clown answers questions from children living in different countries. Check out these shows.

Special guys from the Adele center were the first to draw the solar clown. And then the baton was picked up by the young artists of the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity.

Dmitry Brikman sent all the drawings to France to the Yellow Mill. Very soon, EURASIA KIDS will meet with Dmitry online and ask him questions that may be included in the next broadcast.

Alena Selezneva