Diana Al-Shaer in #MyWay Project: “Don’t Give Up and Keep Moving Forward”

03/04/2020 13:23

“Every day we face some small tasks, which we sometimes call routine... Every little thing plays a huge role, and then these little grains make up our invaluable experience.

To achieve any goal, first, we must set it for ourselves. But at the same time it is necessary to be aware that fate can make its own adjustments, as it happens now.

But in any case, in a situation like this, we need to keep our spirits up. We need to learn to trust fate, the Universe, God, find a balance between our heart and mind, clearly understand what we want, where we go to, see our direction vector, but at the same time stay in this moment and do as much as we can right now”.

Diana Al-Shaer, a member of the Coordinating Council of the Eurasian Youth Assembly, an international adviser to the Palestine Equestrian Federation, and an active athlete who was going to participate in the Tokyo Olympics this year addressed the youth of the challenge #MyWay.

“When we go to our goals, it is necessary to remember that it is very important to live here and now, and to try as much as possible to fulfill the task that we face today and at this hour. Of course, first we need to define what we really want and to find our purpose, to do our favorite work. Then there will be no problems with motivation”, - says Diana Al-Shaer.

The Eurasian Youth Assembly awaits the new heroes of the online project "My Way". Just make a video to your cell phone and place it on any platform you like, don’t forget to add hashtags #мойпуть #myway.