Youth of Eurasia Launched the Challenge "My Way"

24/03/2020 09:09


Join and share your success stories on Instagram

A new online project, «My Way», has been launched on Instagram. It is carried out by the Eurasian Youth Assembly.

"We invite everyone to tell their career paths, how to become a professional in your sphere", - says the Head of the Eurasian Youth Assembly Darya Saprynskaya. She adds that such videos will help young people to orient both, in career and in life.

There is no need in a professionally equipped studio to take part in that project. It's enough to make a video on your phone and share the unique story with the whole world on Instagram.

Postponement of events and telecommuting is a reason to look for new ideas and formats. According to the organizers, it's time to communicate online and share plans and victories with as many people as possible. "Thanks to the project "My Way" it can be easily done on Instagram. Perhaps your example will inspire the younger generation of Eurasia for greater achievements", – the organizers say.

The challenge organizers ask to put the hashtags #мойпуть # myway, but also appeal to all participants: "Ask your friends to join - the more stories we get, the more interesting the project will be".

The video message of the Eurasian Youth Assembly is available in Russian and English.