“Combat Brotherhood”: Hero of Russia Alexey Makhotin Took Part in an International Online Conference

08/06/2020 20:28

On 6 June the Head of the Leningrad branch of “COMBAT BROTHERHOOD”, the Hero of Russia Alexey Makhotin attended the International Patriotic Online Conference “The Road of Life - The Road of Military Glory”, organized by the International Union of NGOs the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly. The event was attended by the Russian and foreign veteran’s organizations of the Siege of Leningrad participants, ethno-cultural associations, representatives of state authorities, local authorities, international public organizations, traditional religions, scientists and cultural figures and public figures.  

The aim of the conference is to honor the memory of the defenders of Leningrad, to promote the unity of the multinational community of Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union in a joint Vigil in memory of the great multinational victorious people. Military transport road No. 101/102, called the Road of Life, is a symbol of the courage and heroism of the defenders of Leningrad. Representatives of different nationalities and various faiths, military personnel and civilians stood to death for 872 days and defended the besieged Leningrad. In his speech, Alexey Makhotin noted the role of veterans of the “COMBAT BROTHERHOOD” in preserving the historical memory of the defenders of our multi-ethnic homeland and the importance of patriotic education of young people.