Column “EURASIAN KIDS” Opened in the Newspaper of the Children's Inclusive Media Club “Adele”

05/03/2020 13:21

In the column, young journalists plan to talk about friendship with their peers in different countries. Media club “Adele” unites “special” children. Among them, there are blind children, kids with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. However, no diagnosis can prevent a true childhood friendship.

Children from the family inclusive club “Ohana” (South Korea, Seoul) and children from Australia were the first who supported the column. They sent warm postcards with wishes of goodness and wrote their stories of life.

The new column plans to tell stories about the traditions, customs of different peoples and, of course, about how children live in different countries of the large Eurasian continent.

Recall, the humanitarian project of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly “EURASIAN KIDS” is aimed at the social and creative development of children, expanding opportunities for their self-fulfillment in the future, intensifying public diplomacy through the development of network ties and personal contact between children, the affirmation of peace and understanding as the main principles of communication.