International Action “We say “THANK YOU!”

Project name: International Action "We say" THANK YOU! "

Project Manager:

Pavlov Anatoly Ivanovich, Member of the General Council of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of the All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government

Project coordinator:

Gorkunova Tatyana Vladimirovna, member of the Union of Russian Writers, expert of the Department for Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

Venue and time: countries of Eurasia, indefinitely

Project’s Goal:

Strengthening friendship and harmony between the peoples of Eurasia by promoting the theme of gratitude as a key moral value

Project objectives:

  • Attracting the attention of the general public and the media to the creative international activities of the project laureates
  • Promoting the development of public diplomacy on the Eurasian continent
  • Raising respect for people whose activities are aimed at strengthening peace in the world in the younger generation

Content of the project

Спасибо, Thank You, Merci ...

In the language of every nation, words of gratitude have a special meaning. In Russian, the words "thank you" also carry a secret meaning, since they come from the wish "God save you!"

We say words of gratitude many times every day. We thank in our hearts the parents, mentors, and friends who have influenced our life path.

However, there are people among us whose creative energy is important for the whole world. On behalf of all the peoples of Eurasia, we say to them our sincere people's "THANK YOU!"

Citizens of the countries of Eurasia are awarded with Tokens of Public Recognition “THANK YOU” for their personal contribution to the development of public diplomacy and the strengthening of peace and harmony on planet Earth.

Stages of project implementation:

  • Nomination of the project laureates
  • Presentation of Tokens of Public Recognition “THANK YOU” to the laureates of the project at the sites of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly
First Tokens of Public Recognition "THANK YOU!” will be presented on International Day of Peace on September 21, 2021. 

Contact details:

Phone: +7 (912) 263-59-91


Project news:

Andrey Belyaninov congratulated Anatoly Pavlov on the International Thank You Day

John Farndon received the Token of Public Recognition “THANK YOU!”

First Laureates of the International Action "We say "THANKS YOU!"

The international action "We say" THANKS "has started