Educational Project “EYA Lecture Hall”

Project Name: Educational Project “EYA Lecture Hall”

Project Manager: Devyatkina Diana Denisovna, Manager of Youth Projects and Programs of the Department of the General Secretariat of the Eurasian Youth Assembly (EYA) for Youth Cooperation.

Venue: Internet space in hybrid format (online and offline)

Time:  from July 2020, indefinitely.

Project Goal: strengthening the dialogue between the youth of Eurasia and the international expert community by creating an online platform for open dialogue on current topics in the field of culture and art, science and education, history and geopolitics, business and innovation, sports and healthy lifestyles, social and environmental initiatives of young people.

Project objectives:

  • organizing and conducting lectures, seminars, creative meetings, and educational courses in an online format;
  • support of youth projects and initiatives, presentation of best practices;
  • creating an expert online platform that can unite the youth of Eurasia;
  • popularization of the need for self-development and the desire for knowledge among the younger generation of Eurasia.

Project Content:

The project involves organizing and conducting lectures, seminars, question-and-answer discussion sessions, creative meetings, and online educational courses. The online meetings are broadcast live on the official Facebook account of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly. The format promotes the development of an open dialogue between representatives of the expert community and young professionals, students, postgraduates, and members of public organizations. All videos are collected on the YouTube channel of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly in a special playlist.

Expected results:

The “EYA Lecture Hall” project brings together young professionals, promotes the development of the mentoring institute, and creates a pool of EYA experts. The online format allows to attract more young people from around the world to the EYA activities.


Official hashtags: #лекториймане #EYALectureHall

Project presentation

News about the project:

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