Sails of Pleshcheevo Lake

Project Name: International Children's Sailing-Rowing Tourism and Sports Centre “Lake Pleshcheyevo”

Project Manager: Vasilenko Ilya Alekseevich, Head of the Cadet Corps of the private educational institution “Orthodox classical gymnasium-boarding school of the Svyato-Aleksievskaya Hermitage in memory of Archpriest Vasily Lesnyak”

Project Goal: to create conditions for the upbringing of a harmoniously developed personality with high civic and social responsibility based on spiritual and moral values, historical and cultural traditions, principles of healthy lifestyle by attracting children and youth to regular sailing and rowing tourism and sports on Lake Pleshcheyevo, the homeland of the Russian Fleet.

Project Objectives:

  • Form and maintain a material and technical base for sailing and rowing tourism and sports: ships, means of transportation and storage, related technical means and structures, as well as means to ensure the safety of those involved in this activity.
  • Create a sailing and rowing school as part of the system of additional education for students of the Holy Aleksievskaya Hermitage and to establish its year-round activity in theoretical and practical training in different classes of sloops and yachts.
  • Organize network interaction with specialized organizations in the regions and abroad for the exchange of experience, mutual consultations, joint methodological work in order to ensure the possibility of mastering the educational program by students using the resources of several organizations.
  • Create and develop an online education system for young people and instructors (professional development of specialists) in the regions and abroad in order to ensure the availability of modern educational programs for remote areas and use the advanced Russian and foreign experience.
  • Create and support the volunteer movement “Sails of Pleshcheyevo Lake” in the form of summer volunteer training camps to involve young people from 18 to 35 years old in a volunteer movement aimed at the development of sailing and rowing tourism and sports, the implementation of environmental initiatives of the National Park.
  • Provide an opportunity for organizing and conducting summer camps for children and youth from other regions and countries and create a system of reception, accommodation and training on Pleshcheyevo Lake in sailing and rowing sports and tourism.
  • Organize tourist, excursion and local history activities for students in the Holy Aleksievskaya Hermitage and participants of summer training camps - children and youth from other regions and countries, to organize routes and excursions to the monuments of history, culture and nature of the Yaroslavl region and other regions.
  • Organize and conduct water holidays, sailing festivals, regattas in cooperation with specialized organizations (maritime centres, young sailors' clubs, sports clubs); organize and conduct interregional competitions with

the All-Russian Sailing Federation.

Project Content

The issue of creating conditions for the upbringing of a harmoniously developed personality, who gives a priority to spiritual and moral values, requires a special system of work. Parental employment, system of education, often focused only at getting knowledge, do not allow to pay due attention to the formation of other value attitudes in pupils. The adoption of amendments to the Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” confirms the need to change the focus in work with children and youth. According to the president, upbringing should become an obligatory part of the educational process. The Head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation also noted that upbringing is “a strategic national priority that requires work at the federal, regional and municipal levels”.

The beneficiaries of the project are children and youth. The problems they face are confirmed in research and statistics (the Prosecutor General's Office on the growth of juvenile delinquency; Borisenko N.A. on the impact of Internet addiction on the attention and thinking of children; All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion and Kaspersky Lab on the Internet-dependencies; Dubrovina I.V. on the loss of the need for communication; a survey “Do you remember history?” - respondents 556, less than 50% overcame the threshold of 3 out of 7 points.

The system of educational, excursion, tourist, sports, cognitive events created on the basis of the Centre as part of training camps, volunteer programs, festivals and hikes, will be able to solve the problems of insufficient conditions for the participation of children and youth in useful activities. The very fact of children and youth participation in sailing and rowing tourism and sports contributes to the development of the basic values formulated by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Mandatory conditions in the organization of educational work are friendship and mutual assistance, sports and health, love of nature, the pursuit of knowledge, work, personality in a team. The fact that the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly is among the project partners, potential participants in the project's events, allows solving problems of developing intercultural interaction among young people.

Despite the current state vector aimed at the development of additional education programs (on the introduction of the AEP model in the regions), educational institutions (EI) engaged in sailing and rowing tourism and sports are faced with a lack of material and technical equipment that would allow them to provide high-quality, interesting to the young generation services. The possibility to use a single expensively equipped base in Pereslavl-Zalessky allows solving the problem of resources for holding events for pupils of educational institutions of the Central Federal District of Russia. It will provide an opportunity to meet the needs of children and youth in sailing and rowing tourism and sports.

The problem of the fragmentation of additional educational institutions in sailing and rowing tourism and sports, the lack of a unified approach to education and organization of the learning process will be solved by forming network interaction between educational institutions, conducting online advanced training courses for teachers and creating a single information space for organizing joint methodological work between representatives of Russia and foreign countries interested in the development of sailing and rowing tourism and sports among young people.

The development prospect of the created Centre will be an increase in the number of organizations and individuals wishing to join the sailing and rowing types of tourism and sports. Further development of competitive and tourist-excursion activities will ensure easy entry of new categories of beneficiaries, what confirms the openness of the project.

Project Duration: February 1, 2021 - January 31, 2024

Project Partners: ANBO “Orthodox Abode - Brotherhood of Mercy of the Holy Aleksievskaya Hermitage”; ANO assistance to the development of physical culture, sports and a healthy lifestyle “World without Borders”; National Park “Lake Pleshcheyevo”; Russian Emergency Situations Ministry in the Yaroslavl region; Municipal educational institution of additional education “Yaroslavl Admiral Ushakov Children's Maritime Centre”; supported by the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

Contacts: 152049, Yaroslavl region, Pereslavsky district, Novoalekseevka village, Aleksievskaya Pustyn street, house 7; Tel. - 8 (920) 141 01 82; e-mail:; website -

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