Vladimir Kamantsev: “You can’t play hockey without a puck”

22/04/2020 16:05

“Everything is possible in life, except you can’t play hockey without a puck” - said Vladimir Kamentsev, silver medalist of Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Another online meeting was held as part of the project EURASIA KIDS.  Vladimir Kamantsev, sledge hockey player was on the air. The famous athlete, the goalkeeper of the Russian national team, spoke about his difficult life path. This is a path of a real hero. It seems that this person had everything in life: and war, and bad habits, but the main thing was God, who gave him the opportunity to defeat himself. Vladimir was injured while serving in the army.  He says: “But it was then that I came to know true human love. My fellow friends showed it to me. When I was wounded they put me on the “armor”, I cried and waved at them, and they waved at me».

Vladimir Kamantsev went through a lot after the war: the wound did not heal despite all the efforts of doctors. And then he made the decision to amputate the leg.  There was a difficult path of acceptance, mistakes, and then Vladimir came to God. It was only with Him that Vladimir found himself. “Now I do everything to honor God, everything for him,"- our guest says. And even a victory at the Paralympics is also for Him.

As a rule, a public person puts on a “mask”; it is easier to hide behind it, but not everyone. Vladimir is the clearest example of this, an example of courage, perseverance, and determination. We had a serious conversation that gave a start to our friendship. And, of course, now we know that the real heroes live nearby.