Sweets Product Line Opened. "EURASIA KIDS" project

23/03/2020 19:16

Chocolates with the “EURASIA KIDS” project were the first in a new sweet product line. The idea to open a "sweet" project was supported by both adults and children. This is understandable, sweets are loved by all. The aim of the "sweet" project is to give children an opportunity to learn about the delicacies of the world. And what could be more pleasant than treating friends with "delicious treats"?

In the future - the production of sets, which will include lollipops and rickets-lukum, ginger biscuits and baklava? All participants of our children's Eurasian projects will try branded chocolates "EURASIA KIDS". Website "EURASIA KIDS” journalists were the first to appreciate the chocolate. They said, "Can I get another?"