The Song of Peace is flying up

08/06/2021 15:34

On June 1, 2021, the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly presented the result of the second stage of the International Musical and Humanitarian Project "PEACE SONG".

The project was launched on March 20, World Earth Day. Representatives of different nations took part in the production of the video.

The Assembly received a large number of creative works: video, audio, literary translation and even cartoon sketches. The international flash mob has united people from different countries in the name of saving the Peace and our planet.

We decided to present it exactly on the International Children's Day on June 1, because the project "PEACE SONG" is aimed at ensuring that our children have a healthy planet and a happy future.

The Peace Song is written on behalf of Mother Earth, which gives us everything to be happy and healthy. So let's appreciate and cherish it!

The project continues, increasing the number of participants and gaining height.

Anyone from the farthest corners of the planet can take part in the project.


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